Diving in the reserves of the Peugeot museum

Diving in the reserves of the Peugeot museum post thumbnail image

Diving in the reserves of the Peugeot museum

The space is not infinite in the vast building in Hérimoncourt, in the Montbéliard region, where all the reserve vehicles of the Peugeot Museum in Sochaux are stored, so it is necessary to decide what will enter or leave the collection , while remaining faithful to the history of the marque.

“The collection is managed like a good father,” smiles the curator of the Peugeot Museum, Hervé Charpentier, especially since, in addition to space, there is the question of the budget allocated to the acquisition of vehicles.

The Peugeot style makes its concept cars available, which over the years has produced an impressive collection in this area, such as this red 106 convertible which could be out of storage in a few months… The compact car will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021. An exhibition is being prepared at the museum, which is why “three 106s will be part of the collection this year”.

Sometimes, it’s brand lovers who come to us to offer us gifts,” says Hervé Charpentier, “They refuse many, except when the vehicle is poorly represented, or when it offers a good opportunity to serve as a spare parts pool.

Hunting for missing vehicles

“When you have specific needs to embellish the collection, you can go hunting,” smiles Hervé Charpentier, subtly, because his moustache has become known to car enthusiasts who like to drive up prices, and he must be careful not to exceed a maximum budget. In the bays, there are also many limited series, such as this 306 S16, “which will also soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, it’s a gift from a gendarmerie.

With a radar

He already knows how it could be staged: “With the car, they gave us the tripod radar”, ideal for reproducing a well-known scene from the film Taxi, when Samy Naceri is shot at… 306 km / hr.

The four white taxis that were used in the four feature films are part of the collection (one is on display at the museum) as well as other vehicles from the film.

Plastic body or boat car

On the small screen, you can recognize the 206 that was used in an advertisement that has left its mark on people’s minds, where a Peugeot lover, in India, was seen manhandling a vehicle to make it look like the car of his dreams…

Motorsport enthusiasts would have their eyes gleaming as they look at the many race cars in stock, some of which are kept in their post-race condition: “Every bump, every scratch is the story of a race won. »

There are also some crazy concept cars, such as this yellow and blue car with a plastic body, whose front and rear parts are interchangeable, or this boat-like car, in pick-up mode, equipped with a… jet ski in the back!

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